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**How to get rid off covid?what are the items need to be taken as a precaution?What are the tablets need to be taken,if you tested covid +ve?what are the symptoms?How to identify and isolate ourselves?**

This is about sharing my experience with covid which happened for me.

First of all understand for whom it is dangerous!

1.People who are having blood pressure,diabetes,and people older than 65 and above age.Even some people older than 65 age died just because of fear and some due to bad health condition.

Even if you are tested positive don’t panic or worry about it(i.e even a 103 year old lady had beaten covid and taken a beer in hospital)

People who are normal with no such disease as mentioned above don’t need to fear.

Precautions:Take vitamin D tablet weekly once,vitamin c daily and wear mask and gloves which will reduce infection.

Symptoms: Loss of smell,Slight head ache,Body pain,cold,2–3 days fever,throat infection which will not get cured it will last for 2 weeks, breathing difficulty, diarrhoea (occurs rarely),Dry cough.

If you absorb this kind of symptoms urge to nearby covid center and take test.

*First of tested positive they will take 2–3 tests

1.Blood test to see the counts

2.Scan for lungs to see the infection.

3.ECG if required in case of chest pain.

Isolate yourselves if positive as it will spread rapidly to everyone.

Food prescribed for me by dietician:

6.30→Take milk or tea or coffee in a hot manner,you should take it sip by sip such that enter your throat in hot manner.

8–8.30→you can take any breakfast

10–10.30→Take different kind of soup adding pepper in it.

12–12.30→Take protein rich food(if possible take white layer of egg in lunch)

4–4.30→Take tea or coffee with channa. sundal

6.6–30→kabasara kudineer in a quantity of tea cup not more than that.

8–8.30→you can take anything(except oil items)

10–10.30→Turmeric milk(Recipe you can see in Google)Avoid taking non-veg if tested covid positive as it will lead to diarrhoea.

*My story on how I got covid positive.

We are living on 2nd floor in a rented house. In 1st floor there is a family with 4 members(Husband,wife,son and daughter).On June before full lockdown,grandparents of this family came from some place to next to my house for rent.This old age man couldn’t stay inside house for long and started roaming to various places.Some how he got infected and he used to come to my flat 1st floor to see his son.

Next few days it got infected to his son who is residing below my house.Finally everyone got infected below my house.

Whenever Chennai corporation came to check the temperature,they used to take dolo tablet which will reduce the temperature.They hided it for few days but it couldn’t last for long.

On June middle of month around 20th June I think the old guy’s temperature was high as dolo tablets got over(if entire family uses it,how much they can take it as medicals are not adviced to give unless there is doctor’s prescription).It was old guy tested positive and after that entire family had taken test except 1 girl everyone tested covid +ve.

We were very careful from starting but some how we got the virus(As we were in second floor we must go through 1st floor in steps,either I should have touched any hotspot area or it should have spread through air).We never had direct contact with those family.

On June 25th night i had cold and fever.I thought it is normal and took a tablet by doctor’s advice.On next day morning there is no fever and completely normal.

On 26th night it’s about 11pm-12am i couldn’t breathe for an hour(it occurs rarely for few people when infection gets to lungs).I urged to nearby private hospital they had asked me the symptoms and refused to give treatment as they thought it might be covid. Around 1 am symptoms started worsening as I couldn’t breathe,Then my father and my brother took me to another hospital which is 20 Kms apart where I got admission.

On next day I had tested for covid,result came on July 1.Myself admitted in private hospital for a week for covid treatment from 4th July to 11 july billed for 2.12 lakh.My mom and dad including two of my brothers tested covid +ve as they helped me during hospital admission.Four of them admitted in GH.

While I was alone in hospital,my father and mother were in private college for covid treatment.I called and asked them about food and everything as it is organized by government. After that I came to know government is providing them food from Adyar Anandha bavan and some other standard hotels,I am the only one getting worst foods in private hospital and paying 600 for a day for food alone.

After 10 days they came home.Only I had breathing trouble.None of my family members had it.It’s on July 14 everyone came home safely.

So don’t get panic,it will go if you follow my routine which I had taken

*Medications→As you knew there is no vaccines for covid,you can talk to your personal family doctor to give prescribed medicines. For me they gave cold tablets and syrup to breath without any problem.

Main note: Virus will be present in nose or throat.It’s better to wash your hands thoroughly.First in case of nose wear mask to avoid infections entering from outside even in case tested covid positive wear mask so that it won’t affect must intake hot items because for some cases virus will present in throat as infection.when you start taking coffee or tea or hot water it will push virus to stomach.Thats it it will get out.

This virus intense will be severe for 1st week that too my brothers didn’t had any symptoms till day 11.So be cool don’t worry.Its like normal fever and cold.Everything will pass away.😉

It’s not about you get rid off covid its about how you come out of this covid fear and mental depression given by your surrounding people. I had been much depressed about how my surroundings treated me and it was a biggest challenging to come out on these 14 days.